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The Metallica show this April in Budapest raised over 4 million Ft (about 13000 euros) and they gave the money to the Feed the Children Foundation (Gyermekétkeztetései Alapítvány). The foundation was established to help starving children in Hungary to get enough healthy food every day. They used the money to organize a camp for children who face multiple disadvantages, reported

Children ages 6 to 12 were chosen from Kába, Somogyjád, Tiszaigar and Tiszaszőlős to take part in the youth camp. They had the opportunity to try many activities like swimming, obstacle courses and other games in and on the water. This camp was organised for children who would not have the chance to go to a camp otherwise, for children from poor families. This camp was completely free for everyone, from train tickets to three meals per day. 

The day before camp started the kids made a Metallica poster to thank the band for their help. They will also receive the handprint of every child from the camp. The foundation will also have enough money left to give food packages for families in need. 


The Metallica concert was a huge success; they even performed a song by Tankcsapda, which brought them closer to their Hungarian fans. You can listen to the song A legjobb méreg here, where Robert Trujillo sang the Hungarian lyrics. This was a huge surprise, no one knew what the band was planning, and it is certainly not easy to learn the lyrics of this song. Tankcsapda is a well known Hungarian heavy metal and hard rock band, their song A legjobb méreg has over 160,000 views on YouTube.

The foundation posted on their Facebook page: “Thank you, Metallica, for this beautiful gesture. We are grateful that the band donated for the Hungarian children. They are some really kind, big-hearted people, we are glad that we could meet them.”

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