The Hungarian family’s Croatian holiday almost ended in tragedy. The adventurous siblings, Liza and Marci, ascended to 200 meters height with a parachute that was pulled by a speed boat; however, its rope was unexpectedly torn.

The Hungarian family was planning to spend four amazing days –  from Wednesday to Saturday – in the Croatian sunny resort town of Omis. Everything was going well until that particular point when they visited the city of Baska Voda, famous for its beautiful beach.

The two children – 19-year-old Liza and 17-year-old Marci – wanted to try the so-called “parasailing”, or water parachuting, which means that the bravest tourists are raised in the air, while a ship is pulling them with the help of a parachute; during which they can enjoy the beauty of the sea and the coast from an extreme height. Unfortunately, this time, something went wrong.

Their mother, Orsolya was already worried about the venture at the beginning, but when she realised that the rope was to break, she became panic-stricken. – “It happened on Thursday afternoon at about five o’clock, when seven of us plus two staff members boarded the ship. The adventure cost 500 HRK, which is approximately 68 EUR. I was excited when they lifted, but it is natural. But then I saw that the staff started to rush, trying to correct the mistake, and speeded up as the rope was slackening; however, there was no trouble with the wind” – the heartbreaking moments were reported accordingly by the mother.


Parasailing is highly popular among tourists. Sailor-paratrooper providers are also aware of this; however, they are continuously searching for methods on how to break the rules, even though they know: human lives are at risk. In Greece, for instance, dozens of accidents happen every year, but we can find several fatalities globally as well.

  • In 2017, a man fell into the deadly depths from 200 meters height at Thailand.
  • In 2009, a father and his child were drifted to a nearby village in Mexico by the strong wind. The father slammed into a house and died; his little boy survived the incident.

AND THE ROPE WAS TORN… “What I felt there, I do not wish to anyone. My children were lifted in the air, going further and further. I started to yell at the staff, got panicked and did not know what to do, I was extremely worried” – recalled the mother.


The two young adolescents ascended to 200-250m height, but they soon began to sink due to the holes in the parachute – that was needed for a smooth landing. Despite his young age, Marci showed tremendous willpower during the situation.

“I asked my sister not to panic, everything will be fine. It took roughly a minute and we crashed into the water, luckily keeping off rocky parts” – described Marci to the Hungarian news portal borsonline.

“Of course this was all very frightening. We were wearing life jackets, but I quickly unbuckled mine and Liza’s as well whose arm was hit during the landing. By that time, the ship already arrived to save us. A man jumped in and helped us to get on board” – added Marci.


The water ambulance also arrived at the scene, but fortunately, the children did not have any serious problem. However, the staff of the marine parachuting company behaved outrageously. “They wanted to escape quickly, but of course we did not let them. They tried to pass the responsibility, saying that the two children weighed only 103 kilos, which is not enough. Then why did they let them to ascend?” – the outraged mother asked the reasonable question. – “Finally, our money was returned, and we left. We did not want another complication; though, we could have called the police and sued them. However, we did not want to ruin our vacation, so we gave up on this option” – said the Hungarian mother, who shared her story to emphasise the importance of starting a parasailing trip with due care.


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