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The Hungarian National Skating Federation (MOKSZ) and Hungarian Olympic champion short track speed skater Csaba Burján both presented apologies following insulting comments of the latter against China, according to official statements here.

“The Hungarian National Skating Federation took the necessary steps following the behavior of a member of the Hungarian Short Track Speed Skating Team: Csaba Burján Olympic champion, which was insulting towards China. The athlete apologized to Zhang Jing, the head coach of Hungarian short track speed team from China,” MOKSZ announced in a statement, adding that a disciplinary action had also been initiated against the athlete.

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Burján himself also presented his apologies on the federation’s official website: “I sincerely regret that with my reckless action, I have put my head coach Zhang Jing, the Hungarian Short Track Speed Skating Team, and the Hungarian National Skating Association into a demeaning position.”

“Although I didn’t want to hurt China, nor the Chinese people, I admit that I portrayed a situation in an offensive manner – and as an Olympic champion, I should be even more responsible for my words and actions,” he added.

“For this: I apologize to head coach Zhang Jing, to the Chinese people, to the Chinese Skating Federation, and to Winter Sports Administration of China,” Burján concluded.
On December 4, Zhang announced her resignation over the insulting comments made by Burjan.

“I was shocked and outraged by the insulting comments against China made by Hungarian short track skater Csaba Burján,” Zhang said in a statement on her WeChat account.

But MOKSZ refused Zhang’s resignation: “The resignation of the head coach was not accepted, the Council of the Hungarian National Skating Federation began negotiations with her.”

Local media reported that after arriving at a busy Shanghai airport for a World Cup series event, Burján burst out against China on his Instagram social media account while standing in the queue. He later deleted his post.

Source: Xinhua – BUDAPEST

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