Berlin, March 13 (MTI) – The left must answer to the strong leaders of the populist far-right by fielding candidates with strong leadership capabilities themselves, Gyula Molnár, head of Hungary’s opposition Socialist Party, said in Berlin on Monday.

Speaking to MTI on the sidelines of a conference organised by the Progressive Alliance (PA), an international alliance of social-democratic and progressive political parties and organisations, Molnar said the left was lacking in strong leaders.

He said that although “social democratic parties traditionally haven’t functioned this way, right now we must realise that strong leaders are needed.”

Molnár cited the example of Martin Schulz, the German Social Democrats’ candidate for chancellor, arguing that the former European Parliament president’s emergence had greatly increased support for SPD.

“We hope [Szeged Mayor] László Botka’s candidacy [for the position of prime minister] will bring about similar results,” Molnár said.

The PA comprises over 130 parties.


Source: MTI

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