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NNG, a company from Budapest received one gold and three bronze medals at the award ceremony that is often referred to as the Academy Award of business.

The jury of International Business Awards — which consisted of 200 members this year — gave three awards to NNG Ltd.: one for development, one for marketing and one for internal communication. 3,900 contenders participated from 60 countries, as reported. The winners were announced on the 10th of August. NNG, an IT company which has its headquarters in Budapest but owns 12 offices all over the world, had already won three years ago, thus becoming the first Hungarian enterprise to receive an award at this international competition: it was their business strategy and increasing results that brought them success then.

The company’s demonstration tour of their special demo room, which took place in Japan, has won a gold medal in the Best Sales Presentation Event category. A total of 150 partners participated in the event that concerned three venues in 10 days. This series was very effective in vitalizing the business connections in the isolated Japanese market, from which most of the foreign companies are excluded.

The company’s irregular inner communication project, which also created a custom, received a bronze medal in the Internal Communication category. The project consisted of an event hosted on Saint Isidore’s Day, who is the patron of programmers. It was built upon one of the main values of the company: curiosity. It included several activities connected to programmers’ interest and taste, like opening a museum of the colleagues’ ancient IT relics. The highlight of the day was the exclusive presentation of the world-famous C++ programmer Steve Meyers.

An additional bronze medal was given to NNG in the Best Software Product category for a solution created for Ford. NNG developed a navigation system that can be customized to the local demands in 50 countries of the seven regions of the world.

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