According to, 41 pc of the graduates in ELTE Radnóti Miklós Secondary School are going to continue their studies abroad. This rate was “only” 38 pc last year. Zsolt Erős-Honti, the director of Fazekas Mihály Secondary School also talked about increasing numbers in this regard. As we already reported, every eight university student comes from abroad in Hungary. However, the number of Hungarian students hit rock bottom in the 2017/2018 school year at the same time.

More go from public schools

Erős-Honti added that

37.9 pc of the graduate students

were enrolled at a university abroad last year. However, some of them lastly started their studies in Hungary. Furthermore, he highlighted that the final decision to depart highly depends on how strong the cohesion is between the school-leavers. They frequently encourage each other to go while in other cases friends may persuade each other to remain in the country – said the director.

In contrast, only 5 pc of the Lutheran High School of Deák Square are going to a foreign university. According to the relevant data, much fewer students choose to continue their studies abroad in church schools than in public ones.

10 pc near the Western border

This is because, in these institutions, many children are coming from large families, and they do not want to leave their accustomed environment.

However, near the Western border of Hungary

every tenth student says goodbye to Hungary at least for a while.

However, in case of those who leave their homeland right after their graduation from high school, this means mostly a final decision since there is good chance that after they finish their studies they will start to develop their career abroad, and will not return.

In fact, 10 pc of the students of the Kazinczy Ferenc Secondary School (Győr) and of the Bolyai János Secondary School (Szombathely) have been admitted to foreign universities for years. This rate is the same in the case of Révay Miklós Secondary School (Győr) and Széchenyi Secondary School (Sopron). In the case of Lovassy László Secondary (Veszprém) the rate of departers is increasing, and for now, it is 7 pc.

Better education and healthcare

Furthermore, while close to the Western border target countries are Austria and Germany, graduates from Budapest choose mostly England, and often its elite universities.

Austria is popular among Hungarian students because there is no tuition fee and at most universities there is

no entrance exam.

The latter is only compulsory at universities of medicine and if there are more applicants than places.

The University of Vienna – more and more Hungarian students choose to continue their studies here. Photo:

Some of the graduates choose to study abroad because they cannot study what they would like to in Hungary. However, there are other factors of motivation, as well. Many of the students and their parents think that if they study at a foreign university

they will get a higher salary.

Furthermore, they believe that they will receive better education and healthcare abroad. Consequently, they can lead a calmer life there.

According to, since the leavers would be the future elite, their departure means a significant loss to Hungary.


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