reports that the Hungarian team achieved great success at this year’s IRO World Championship for Rescue Dogs in Italy: out of over 60 units coming from 24 countries Hungary won the silver medal!

The International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO) held the 22nd World Championship for Rescue Dogs in Caselette, Italy, September 22-25. The world’s most excellent rescue dog teams participated: more than 60 teams coming from 24 countries competed, fulfilling the discipline and skill-based tasks. Humanity’s four-legged friends had to compete in 3 different events, which were tracking, area search and rubble.


The team of Hungary, among others, included Sarolta Leczki, head of the rescue dog team at the Fire Department of Budapest, who competed with rescue dog Bosco. The team performed excellently so the Hungarians ended up winning the silver medal. But the 3 dogs of the Mancs a Kézben Member Association of the Central Pest Rescue Team also achieved good results.

Earlier this year a Hungarian dog became one of the best rescue dogs in the world


Below you may read the full list lining up all the teams and their members representing Hungary at the 22nd IRO World Championship for Rescue Dogs.

Mancs a Kézben Association (Paw in the hand – Member Association of the Central Pest Rescue Team):

  • Erzsébet Zachár and McAfee
  • Zsuzsanna Vida and Neo
  • Diána Pinkóczi and Mangó

Kutyákkal az Életért Foundation (With dogs for life):

  • Sarolta Leczki and Bosco
  • Bea Belényi and Zen
  • Péter Arató and Bindy

S.O.S Rescue Dog Association:

  • Ildikó Gáspár and Szuszó
  • Zsuzsa Szemes and Cindy
  • Erzsébet Kröpf and Gamin
  • Gábor Szalánczi and Roger

Pest County Search and Rescue Service:

  • László Balázs and Szimba



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