Rubik's Cube Rubik Ernő writes that in the latest show of the popular America’s Got Talent the jury was impressed by the combination of a Rubik’s cube and some magician tricks. Steven Brundage first solved the puzzle in a paper bag which was already enough to hold the audience. It was even more exciting when he gave Simon Cowell an unsolved cube and he perfectly copied it without looking.

The three-dimensional logic game was invented by Ernő Rubik in 1974 and patented in 1977. That is when it started its conquering way towards success. Originally, he wanted to create a 2x2x2 cube but he had to face technical difficulties. He found that the most optimal solution is to create the cubes themselves in a unique way so that they could hold themselves together stably while also being able to slide on each other easily.

Later, the sides were coloured with different vibrant colours so the shifts were even more visible. It has many different variations and what has always intrigued people is how to solve it. And this was exactly what happened in America’s Got Talent.

The writer of the article believes that the American jury probably hasn’t seen the tricks of Hungarian cube jugglers as it’s not that big of a deal that someone can remember what another person did with the cube 30 seconds ago. However, it is very good to see that the more than 40-year-old Hungarian invention can still awe the audience.

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