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Hungarian success at the world final of confectioners

Hungarian success at the world final of confectioners

According to, Hungarian confectioner Dávid Domonkos finished in the sixth place at the world final of World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS) competition in Thessaloniki.

Dávid Domonkos took part in the final of the top ten with a small helper (commis), Dániel Kiss. The duo was the second best among the European participants. Dávid Domonkos said that they had to prepare a dessert plate and a cake, for which they had eight hours, but the dessert had to be served in the 5th hour and the cake in the 6th hour of the competition.

“Our plate dessert was made from chocolate sauce, apple ice cream, and blood-orange jelly that symbolised the Sun. The cake made for eight people had seven layers of French cream passion and mango flavour, coated with milk chocolate glacage” added the confectioner, who participated in the competition for the first time.

András Krivács, the president of the Hungarian Gastronomic Federation, added that Richárd Elek (with the help of Barnabás Hack) finished in the 11th place at the phase of the best 20.


“The world association has 105 member countries and ten million chefs, gastronomic experts and the winners of the seven continental finals participated in the latest final. Chef Károly Varga was chosen as an honorary member of the WACS committee of wise men at the conference, preceding the competition.”

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