According to, the dwellers of Geresdlak, found in Baranya County, have been making the village’s gingerbread maquette for nine years. This piece of art only contained ten buildings in 2008, whereas they built the whole village and all three settlement parts (Püspöklak, Geresd, Kisgeresd) this year.

The dwellers of the Hungarian village gathered ten times in the past month for joint gingerbread baking, but there were also families who made their own houses at home. They spent a lot of time on the gingerbread village so that they can portray even the smallest details.

You can find the football pitch, church, school and kindergarten of the village (dwelled by less than 800 people) on the maquette. They used 45 kilograms of flour, 20 kilograms of sugar, 7 kilograms of honey, 100 eggs, cinnamon, butter and baking soda for the gingerbread village.


If you’d like to visit the gingerbread village of Geresdlak, you can do it in the following nine months. It is the main sight of the small village visited by thousands of people every year.


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