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Hungarian Village programme to increase populations in rural areas

Hungarian Village programme to increase populations in rural areas

The government will spend at least 150 billion forints (EUR 464m) on developments as part of the Hungarian Village programme in 2019 in order to maintain or increase populations in rural areas, Gergely Gulyás, the minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, said in Vitnyéd, in north-western Hungary, on Sunday.

Gulyás said the government aims to keep quality of life in villages as high as possible as well as to significantly improve access to public services even in the smallest communities.

To this end, the government will set aside 150 billion forints for three target areas of the Hungarian Village programme.

The minister said 75 billion forints will be earmarked for developing public services, 25 billion on home purchase subsidies aimed to help village residents stay in their communities and at least a further 50 billion for developing the road network.


Talks are underway on government funding of a further 25 billion forints, which will also be made available for road development in small communities.

Of the 150 billion forints of funding, 25 billion will be financed from the Road Fund and 125 billion from the general budget reserves.

Source: MTI

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