5Perc Angol (translates to 5Minute English) won first prize at the ‘Macmillan Dictionary Love English’ competition, in Best Website 2014 category, reports index.hu. The publisher’s contest has voted the Hungarian language teaching site as the best of its category for the second time, 5Perc Angol had already conquered the 1st place in 2012.

The Hungarian educational website had beaten popular and internationally acclaimed sites like online contents of BBC, Cambridge or Oxford Dictionaries. The ‘Love English Awards’ is an annual competition where English learners who use online contents can nominate their favourite means of online education in the categories ’Best website’, ’Best Facebook Page’ and ’Best Blog’. This year, Macmillan registered more than 12.000 votes, so the contest moved many learners from all around the world.

5Percangol.hu was brought to life in 2003 and the aim of the website was to help learners of English with colourful and useful online content. In the beginning, the site uploaded 5-minute tasks three days a week, but after a while, due to the increasing interest and the growing audience following the website’s course material, the editors of 5Perc Angol decided to upload new content five times a week.

The material is understandable and amusing, and the creators aim to develop all skills used in language teaching. If this isn’t enough, there’s one more advantage: 5Perc Angol materials are free to use – this might be the recipe of the best English teaching website of 2014.

According to 5percangol.hu, the popular Hungarian website has 12.000 followers and 50.000 copies of the company’s books sold.

After winning the prestigious award of Macmillan Publishers for the second time, the site will definitely gain new followers who are eager to learn English online.

based on article by index.hu and 5percangol.hu
translated by Laura Kocsis

Photo: pixabay

Source: http://5percangol.hu

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