The events and occasions related to Hungarian wines and wine-tourism, in particular, have become more popular this year, according to recent statistics. The Hungarian Tourism Agency revealed that more than 50% of those who are regularly interested in Hungarian wine culture had attended these events this year.

Sokszínű Vidék reported that although 57% of Hungarian citizens are afraid of travelling inside the country during the epidemic, the registration numbers and interest for travellings advertised online have increased rapidly as the autumn seasons started. Interest for travelling inside Hungary and wine-tourism continuously become more and more popular activities. 

18 to 29-year-old citizens and those with higher education certificates have booked several trips online, mostly from Budapest and bigger cities, to each Hungarian county.

Balaton and Badacsony are the most visited regions regarding wine tasting and grape harvests. Tokaj, the world-famous UNESCO Heritage Site, is also very popular and the region of Villány as well. Szekszárd is also among the most visited areas of Hungary. Statistics also revealed that the public social media posts are mainly about harvests, wine-tasting and visiting wineries, which means that people have become more interested in the county’s wine culture and are also eager to share them on their platforms.

Hortobágy, Tokaj, Balaton and Hévíz are the most shared contents on social media sites.

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