Washington, 2017. január 20. Donald Trump megválasztott amerikai elnök és felesége, Melania Trump megérkezik a Lincoln-emlékmû elõtt tartott koncertre Washingtonban 2017. január 19-én, egy nappal az elnöki beiktatási ünnepség elõtt. (MTI/EPApool/Chris Kleponis)

MNO reported that the series of inauguration ceremony of the forty-fifth US President has begun; and two Hungarians are attending it for sure. The event started with a triumphal handshake, it continued with a concert, and on Friday, the inauguration itself takes place followed by a procession.

Sándor Szenczy, President of the Hungarian Baptist Aid, and Béla Szilágyi Vice President were officially invited to all the four events. They both have been living in the American capital for more than a year, where they work on the establishment of a global charity service called Baptist Respond 24, MNO writes, and they add that Sándor Szenczy has a special membership in the Republican Party and supported Trump’s campaign.

Szenczy told to MNO why he has a huge influence in the Republican Party, the Senate and the Congress. He told that more than 42 million members of the Baptist church live in the United States. This means about 100 million supporters. That is roughly one third of the population of the US. The Southern Baptist Convention is the core of the Conservative Party. He adds that it is not by chance that the Baptist Reverend Billy Graham was the spiritual caretaker to eleven former presidents, and he is also organising some parts in Trump’s inauguration ceremony. Thanks to his Republican contacts, Szenczy will have further opportunities to meet the new president and the vice-presidents.

The leader of the Hungarian Baptist Aid told MNO that Baptists are the fourth largest Christian religious denomination in Hungary, which has almost a hundred thousand members. (Under ages do not count, because believers reject children’s baptism.) Their social activities are mainly supported by the current Hungarian government.
Within the frame of the five-hundredth anniversary of Reformation – which the Baptism religion arose from – the Hungarian Baptist Alliance is to take place in Debrecen this summer, where American Baptist Senators and MPs are also invited to.

Only ambassadors are invited officially to the inauguration ceremony held on Friday. Hungary will be represented by Réka Szemerkényi.

Croatian-born Hungarian writer, journalist Vujity Tvrtko is also invited officially to the inauguration ceremony.

Photo: MTI/EPApool/Chris Kleponis

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Source: MNO

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