spartan race thailand

Although most people go to Thailand for a vacation, there are some very determined Hungarians who visit the Gulf of Thailand to compete in one of the toughest challenges, the Spartan race, reports.

The Spartan race grew out of the personal workout of two American marines. They wanted to keep in shape, so they built their own obstacle course in their backyard. At first, it was only them and some friends; then word got out. People from the whole county began to come, then from all around the state. Today, it is a huge contest with 25 countries who build their own courses. Every year there are about 240 Spartan races all around the world.

spartan race thailand

With the support of the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC) two Hungarians from Sárbogárd, Gábor Sudár and Viviána Fesű proved that Hungarians are tough competitors, even if bad luck is trying to hold them back.

The young couple will probably remember this day for the rest of their lives. Just a few hours after they landed in Thailand, someone stole one of their bags. Of course, it was that particular piece of luggage that had their passports, phones, money and other important possessions in it. All this happened less than 36 hours before the race. And without their IDs or passports, they could not sign up for the race.

“This was not how we planned to spend our first day. We had to be at the police station all evening. Since I believe in God and I love my country, I had faith that we would overcome this obstacle. Every Hungarian we met there was really helpful. As partners of the HTCC, we got help immediately. The Hungarian Consulate also did everything in their power, so we got our documents just in time. Everything went smoothly, and by the next morning we were standing at the start line and could complete our challenge. All this thanks to the HTCC and the Hungarian Consulate” says Gábor.

Despite the humidity and the hot temperature, every Hungarian managed to finish the race. The obstacle course included running, crawling, swimming and climbing at the Siam Country Club’s golf course.

Gábor Sudár promised to help his girlfriend at the race, so after completing the Super race early in the morning, he also signed up for the Sprint race, so he could do it together with Viviána.

spartan race romania

This was not Gábor’s first Spartan race, probably not his last either. He was chosen to be the face of the next Romanian Spartan race.

The last day of their Thailand visit also went well, Gábor fought in the ring, and won with a knock out against a local boxer.


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