china reported that an enormous Chinese investment close to the city of Chongquing, including a medical spa center, several hotels, therapeutic and conference establishments, is going to take place with the help of professional Hungarian counsellors.

Between 27-28 November, all media attention was paid to Budapest because of the 6th China-Central Eastern European Summit of Leaders held in the capital with the participation of Li Ko-csiang, the Chinese head of government.

Besides the negotiations between the Hungarian and the Chinese heads of government, further collaborations of state and private enterprises were agreed upon, about which the two prime ministers informed the press, as well. 

In the framework of the summit, the Loncin Holding & Co., a Chinese investment holding company, arranged a collaboration with the mySpirit Kft. (that is one of the project enterprises of the Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa) and the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH) in a touristic and hotel investment project of 400 billion forints (1.3 billion euros) taking place in the vicinity of the city of Chongquing.

The city of Chongqing /wikicommons by Jonipoon/

The area, that is rich in thermal water, is going to be home for a touristic center and a medical thermal spa along with several 6-, 5- and 4-star hotels. Establishments for therapeutic purposes, buildings for conferences and further entertainment facilities are also going to be constructed.

Based on the contract, the responsibility of the mySpirit Kft. is to work out the conception of the whole investment and the medical spa.

Furthermore, its responsibility also extends to the elaboration of the interior and exterior design of the hotels and the related buildings, and the compilation of the necessary equipment. It also has to work out the details of the operation of the complex and train the employed staff.

Other Western European spa hotels also applied for the contract, but after trying out the services of the 5-star Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa, the Chinese investors chose the Hungarian applicant.

Featured image: wikipedia/Chongqing


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