It’s the fifth time that Marrakesh, a major city in Morocco, hosts the International Marrakech Air Show, writes. The North African kingdom has many international airports, and due to the high demand these are constantly expanded and modernized to suit passengers’ needs.

Many cities have direct flights to Morocco, which has several international airports, and besides their own airlines, many low-cost airlines also have direct flights to one or more Moroccan cities (unfortunately Budapest is not among them yet). Due to the high number of tourists, more and more airports and buildings are being constructed so more airlines can have direct flights to the country.

Morocco is the gate of Africa, and its airlines reach out to the Northern and Western part of the continent, so it seemed natural to have the Air Show there. Although the show can’t compete with bigger events like the Paris Air Show held at the Le Bourget airport, the city still attracts major figures: there are 200 exhibitions from 56 countries, 70 planes are on display on land and their abilities are also demonstrated in air. Puli Space was also present at the Air Show.

Besides the airplanes, business was also an important part of the show. Thanks to the contribution of the HTCC (Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center), Hungarians are drawing the plans for the new building of the Tiznit airport (there’s a good chance that the building contractors will also be Hungarians).

At the end of May and early June, Hungarian businessmen and companies will have the opportunity to find new partners in Morocco with the help of the HTCC. The first half of the five days long programme will take place in Casablanca, and later businessmen will travel to Dakhla, the Southern gate, to take part in programmes organized by the local chambers of agriculture, and to look for new business partners.


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