Hungarians see the protection of human rights worldwide as the European Union’s most important value, according to a fresh Eurobarometer survey.

Altogether 49 percent of Hungarian surveyed considered the protection of human rights to be the bloc’s most important value, compared with the EU average of 48 percent.

Hungarians also said that

the European Parliament should prioritise the improvement of consumer rights as well as the quality and access to health services and providing affordable and safe food for citizens and a fair standard of living for farmers.

Though member states differed in their rankings of the various issues, EU citizens were clearly united in their concerns about climate change.

Fully 32 percent of all respondents said the EP should prioritise the fight against climate change, with 30 percent of Hungarians sharing this view.

The survey also found that 60 percent of Hungarians support Hungary’s EU membership, which is 1 percentage point higher than the EU average.

Altogether 58 percent of respondents said they wanted to see a more influential European Parliament, up 7 points from this past spring and the highest percentage since 2007. In Hungary, 64 percent said they wanted a more powerful EP.

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Source: mti

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