Spartan Race Thailand
Photo: HTCC

Although most people travel to the Siam Bay in Thailand to have a beach vacation, there are devoted Hungarians who cross the world for a hard physical challenge. They prove that it is worth dreaming big, because “who dares wins”! – GLOBS Magazine 

Spartan Race Thailand

According to the legend, the Spartan Race started as a sort of home-workout plan. Two US Marines decided to build an obstacle course in the garden, in order to keep themselves fit. At first, only their friends came to use it. Then, news has started to spread in the county.

Finally, it became a tournament in 25 countries.

Nowadays, 240 official Spartan Races are being held annually all over the world.

Recently, the intrepid competitors –including our fellow countrymen- have faced the Spartan challenges in Thailand.

Gábor Sudár and Viviána Fésű are two youngsters from Sárbogárd, sponsored by the HTCC. They proved that Hungarians cannot be underestimated during a hard competition, despite every hindering factors. The travel of the young couple will remain memorable in all aspects. Unfortunately, one of their packages was stolen a few hours after their arrival, including passports, phones, money and their most important valuables. All of this happened 36 hours before the competition, during which official documents are required in order to get a start number and the data-recording chip. Although at first it seemed that the game was over, luck and faith were on their side.

Spartan Race Thailand htcc
Photo: HTCC

“I can not say that this was the plan for the first day of the trip, but unfortunately we spent the whole night at the police station because of this incident. I hoped that this seemingly incredible situation can be solved too, because I believe in divine providence and I love my country. Finally, we have witnessed a true testimony for this: As partners of HTCC, we received immediate assistance regarding every administration affair. The staff of the Hungarian embassy also offered immediate assistance, beyond any imagination. Therefore, we got our new documents just in time. Everything went smoothly. Thanks to this, we were at the starting line in early morning.

We are grateful to the Hungarian Embassy in Bangkok and the associates of HTCC. – said Gábor Sudár

In spite of the high humidity and the terrible heat, all the Hungarian athletes made their way through the tropical obstacles. They crawled, climbed, swum, slid and ran in the wilderness area of the golf course of the Siam Country Club near Pattaya. At the end of the race, they were happy to grab the medal, which was given for successfully completing the competition. It was the very first Spartan Race for Viviána Fésű. This is why Gábor Sudár promised his girlfriend that they will complete the Sprint race together, after he finished the tough Super race in the early morning. They have succeeded, overcoming every tropical obstacle. It was not the first Spartan Race for the CEO from Sárbogárd. The tough-looking athlete won the sympathy of the organizers of the Spartan Race. Hence, one of the competitions in Romania is advertised with his photo.

Spartan Race Thailand
Photo: HTCC

“The race was a special experience. Hungarian athletes from all over the world approached us when we were taking photos in the colors of HTCC, which was an uplifting experience. We also met Hungarians living in Malaysia. They have finished the race in excellent time. So, we would like to congratulate them on this way too. Our tricolor HTCC jersey was so successful that fans asked our friends and relatives if it is possible to purchase such a jersey somewhere. A Greek guy living in Singapore came to us and said that the best advertisement in the world is “Palinka”. He repeated three times how much he likes Hungarian Palinka. We laughed a lot and found new friends at the Spartan Race in Thailand. – as it was cheerfully said by Viviána Fésű.

During the last day of the trip in Thailand, the tough competition resulted in a Hungarian victory.

In the world-famous Walking Street in Pattaya, Gábor Sudár even competed with a Thai boxer. It was a difficult task, mostly because he did not find a worthy opponent. No one wanted to stand up against the huge athlete. In the ring, the fight ended with an undisputed Hungarian K.O. It was the crown jewel of the last night of the unforgettable sports trip in Thailand.

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Source: by Sándor URAI, HTCC Thailand Country Director

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