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Budapest, July 14 (MTI) – Hungary’s current-account surplus reached 317 million euros in May, data published by the National Bank of Hungary on Monday show.

The release shows the c/a surplus was 519 million euros in April.

The capital account surplus reached 430 million euros in May. The combined surpluses of the current and capital accounts, or Hungary’s net external financing capacity, was 747 million euros.

Capital transfers from the European Union came to 430 million euros in May, the data show.

The release was the first monthly balance of payments report compiled using the new Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual 6th Edition (BPM6) methodology. The changes do not affect the level of net external financing capacity, with a single exception: the incorporation of illegal trade to goods and services.

The NBH launched the release of the monthly data, in addition to its quarterly publication, “to inform users of real economy and financing developments related to the rest of the world with the shortest lag possible following the reference period”.

Source: http://english.mti.hu/

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