Photo by Panhard via Wikimedia Commons

Budapest, October 20 (MTI) – In an interview to the BBC’s HardTalk programme, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said press reports of Hungarian police brutality towards migrants were “untrue”, and the people who had made the claims either had “not visited Hungary” or were “lying”.

The BBC’s Stephen Sackur noted in the interview broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday that international rights group Human Rights Watch said in its latest report that Hungarian police had treated with cruelty many migrants who had passed through Hungary last year.

Szijjarto dismissed the accusation that Hungarian police were brutal, adding that contrarily, it was the migrants who had been violent towards the police. He said nothing about migrant brutality towards the police had been written about in the international media.

Photo by Panhard via Wikimedia Commons

Source: MTI

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