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Budapest, August 25 (MTI) – Hungary is transporting Soviet-type T-72 battle tanks to the Czech Republic, based on a strict sales contract signed earlier, the defence ministry said on Monday.

The supplier Excalibur Defense has began the shipment of 58 tanks no longer used by the Hungarian Armed Forces, the ministry said in a statement.

Hungary acted responsibly as it made sure that its unused tanks cannot reach a country under an arms embargo. The contract states that after delivery to the Czech Republic the Czech authorities are responsible for handling the tanks, including authorising and monitoring use or resale, the statement said.

As the sale falls under the scope of the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty as well as Hungarian laws, there are strict regulations on how it can be resold, including specifications to quantity, storage and monitoring, the statement added.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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