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Hungary has done its fair share of spending in connection with the handling of the migration crisis and is “doing quite well” in this regard compared with other countries, the state secretary for European affairs said after a meeting of EU affairs officials in Brussels on Monday.

European Union member states must bear the burden of the migration crisis equally, he said.

One of the most important tasks in handling the migrant crisis is tackling the problem at its roots as effectively as possible by cooperating with partner countries outside the EU, Szabolcs Takács said. He added that Turkey would remain a key partner of the bloc.

If the EU cannot keep a respectful enough tone in its dealings with Turkey, it can cause the situation to worsen, he said.

Hungary is concerned by the fact that certain member states are pushing to uphold border controls within the passport-free Schengen zone, Takács said, arguing that such a measure could have unforeseeable economic consequences for the internal market.

Source: MTI

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