Cseresnyés Péter, a Nemzetgazdasági Minisztérium munkaerõpiacért és képzésért felelõs államtitkára napirend elõtti felszólalásra válaszol az Országgyûlés plenáris ülésén 2016. november 7-én. MTI Fotó: Kovács Attila

Budapest (MTI) – In efforts to alleviate labour shortages, the government plans to boost regional mobility and training, an economy ministry official said at an event on Thursday.

Speaking at a forum organised by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry and National Trade Association, Péter Cseresnyés, state secretary for labour and training, said that Hungary’s labour market was characterised by both unemployment and a labour shortage.

Whereas there are around 300,000 potential employees, 50-60 percent of positions remain unfilled, he noted.

The reasons are to be found in regional disparities and a lack of training and work experience.

From Jan. 1, housing and mobility facilitation measures will take effect with a view to stimulating regional mobility, he said. Over the next five years, the government will plough hundreds of billions of forints into ensuring that the appropriate levels of training are available, with the start of company training schemes, he added.

Further, the government’s job-protection scheme will be continued as more than 900,000 people take advantage of discounts on employer contributions, the official said.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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