Lipcse, 2017. július 21. Szatmári András ünnepel, miután legyõzte a francia Vincent Anstettet a férfi kardozók elõdöntõjében a lipcsei vívó-világbajnokságon 2017. július 21-én. (MTI/EPA/Filip Singer)

Even though everyone is focused on the World Aquatics Championships right now, we should take a moment to congratulate András Szatmári who became a world champion in sabre fencing. This is a huge success considering, that the last Hungarian world champion in men’s sabre was György Nébald in 1990, when András Szatmári wasn’t even born yet.

According to, the first day of the World Championships held in Leipzig was about men’s individual sabre fencing. However, this time the competition wasn’t about two-time Olympic champion Áron Szilágyi, but the 24-year-old András Szatmári instead. He had already won a Junior World Championships, and now he made his breakthrough in the senior field.

The final fencing-bout was full of tension and excitement. The South Korean Gu started out quite aggressively, but András was able to keep up with the tempo. He gradually fell into line with his opponent and took over the lead with perfect timing.

“I’m the world champion, this was my dream! Our official goal was to reach the quarter final, but we were secretly hoping for a medal. How was I able to turn the bout around from 4:8? This is partly due to my master’s support. In the break he emphasized that one doesn’t get the chance to become a world champion every day. And this fuelled me” said András Szatmári.


Featured image: MTI


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