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Daily News Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s foreign ministry has summoned the Austrian ambassador over remarks made by Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann on Hungary in an interview published in the German weekly Der Spiegel on Saturday.

The foreign ministry rejects Faymann’s remarks and will see the ambassador on Monday, a statement from the ministry said.

In the interview entitled “Can’t do it without quotas” Faymann said: “Orban is acting irresponsibly when he says everyone is an economic refugee.”

“Sticking refugees in trains and sending them somewhere completely different to where they think they’re going reminds us of the darkest chapter of our continent’s history,” Faymann added.

Faymann’s statements are unworthy of a 21st century European leader, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Saturday. The chancellor has been running a campaign of “malicious and false attacks” on Hungary for weeks, he said, adding that Faymann’s criticism were completely baseless as Hungary kept to every European law and was seeking a joint European solution to the migration crisis.

The ruling Fidesz party called on Faymann “to apologise to Hungary and to the prime minister” and to retract his critical remarks.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. I have to say that if I was an Austrian I’d think twice about accusing my neighbours of behaving like Nazis. No Germans were institutionally more enthusiastic about the Nazi regime, once its many opponents had been silenced after the Anschluss, than the Austrians. The names of Austrian Nazis prominent in war crimes and ethnic and racial extermination feature in numbers far in excess of the proportion of Austrians in the ‘Reich’. As for Hungary, yes, it had a deeply unpleasant fascist regime in WWII that fought beside the other Axis powers; the regime was indifferent to human rights as we might expect. However, let’s remember that the extermination of 450,000 Hungarian Jews, Gypsies and others, didn’t begin until after the Hungarian regime had collapsed and Germany invaded Hungary in 1944. At present the Hungarians are in an impossible situation; expected to register all migrants/refugees under Schengen and to control their EU borders, then abused by the Austrians and Germans because that’s what they try to do – and can’t because of the sheer numbers. Then having been told to get their act in order, they’re then told to simply open the borders and let everyone through their country, unchecked and unregistered – this weekend, or this day, anyway – and then the next day, the next weekend, not to just let them through, all at the whim of whatever mood the Austrians and Germans are in as a result of public protests of one kind or another. No, the Hungarians haven’t handled it well, and they have, at times, been less humane than they might have been – but that is mostly about being overwhelmed, under-resourced and incompetent; it’s hardly a ‘Reich’ extermination policy! And of course Germany’s open-arms policy (this month anyway) is making sure they will be even more overwhelmed. But to hear the Austrians accusing the Hungarians of Nazi-like behaviour takes some neck – I’d almost say some ‘chutzpah’, but as it’s a word you would have heard a lot on the streets of Vienna before 1939 and don’t any more… the reason being, of course, the near extermination of one of Europe’s most vibrant Jewish communities there… out of respect I’ll just accuse the Austrians of being self-righteous hypocrites who need to remember their history, that will surely do to be going on with.

  2. The Austrian bastard is already doing damage control trying to cover his ass in case his idea of letting in all these people go’s south. i’m sure all the countries involved will blame Hungary; maybe they want to displace all the Magyars and give them what’s left of Hungary,to the invaders from the Middle East.

  3. Hear Hear! It seems that anything you dont like just stick the label Nazi on it. I make no bones about being opposed to this wave of migrants and also the allowing of too many into Europe in the past 30 years. I do not think I am a Nazi just an average citizen with an alternative opinion.

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