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Hungary summons Canadian ambassador over remarks on higher education law

Hungary summons Canadian ambassador over remarks on higher education law

Budapest, May 5 (MTI) – Hungary’s foreign ministry has summoned the Canadian ambassador over a statement she issued in connection with recent legislation tightening regulations on foreign universities in Hungary and its perceived impact on Budapest’s Central European University (CEU).

The ministry quoted Ambassador Isabelle Poupart as saying in the statement published on the Canadian government’s website on Thursday that Canada’s government is “seriously concerned” about the impact the amendment would have on academic freedom in Hungary. She urged Hungary to change the law as soon as possible, just as Hungarian leaders made a “commitment” to do so on Saturday.

The ministry called the ambassador’s comments “untrue”, saying that academic freedom was “not under threat from anybody” in Hungary.

“Academic freedom is a right the Hungarian government has always stood up for and will continue to protect in the future too,” the ministry said.

It added, at the same time, that foreign universities must be expected to adhere to the same rules as Hungarian ones. “The Hungarian higher education law does not just apply to [US financier] George Soros’s school, the CEU, but to all 28 foreign universities” operating in Hungary, the statement said.

The ministry said that “not even Brussels has questioned” Hungarian academic freedom, adding that “the infringement procedure launched against Hungary on the matter is about the supposed violation of the free flow of services.” This is something the Hungarian government is of course open to discussing, the statement added.

Source: MTI


  1. martaburka

    Did Ms Poupart criticize Canada’s treatment of Native People, probably not. I am sure that many ” Native Groups” have no clean water to drink because of government neglect. How about protecting the ” Native Women” who are being murdered in large numbers: Did she mentioned the large number of homeless people on our streets, probably not. CEU did not make the list of the top 43 universities in Hungary because of the standard of education. CEU which issues American/Hungarian diplomas is associated with and empty office in the US. It is not associated with any university that would oversee the curriculum or the qualifications of profs. Ms Poupart supports the wasting of money by Hungarian parents on supposed education establishment. May we also suggest that CEU also issue diplomas from U of Toronto/Western/Hungary. Do not go around the world and try to interfere the political life of sovereign governments. I am disappointed that Canada appointed a person of limited understanding as an ambassador. I guess Hungary is not an important ally of Canada.

    No EU countries offered to ask CEU to move to their country for good reason. Nobody wants a poor educational establishment.

  2. Vedo

    As a Canadian born and raised, i’d like to apologize for the stupid Liberal government we have allowed in who prioritize Marjuwanna for tax purposes over the well being of our citizens who now have to deal with not only drunk driving but now drivers high on weed causing accidents and lives. We elected this bunch only over how our right wing conservatives went stupid with immigration and dual citizenship as if they have the right to dictate how someone born here can loose their native birth citizenship. So we elect the weed bunch and instead of concerning themselves with our own issues, they want to play AMERICA, with one battle cruiser and MS POOPOO! Hope she’s reading this, go home froggy, from a Canadian!

  3. edward

    It’s just another Liberal party hack coming to the aid of a former Liberal party member, who also tried to become Canada’s prime minister, who now holds a position as Rector. Pretty soon there wont be any more room in the pen!

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