The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary welcomes the recent agreement between the US and Russia concerning the elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons, the Ministry announced it in a statement September 14, 2013.

The document labels the deal as an „extremely positive development”, which could lend momentum to political settlement. The Hungarian Government does not see a military solution to the Syria conflict; the crisis should be settled through political means in the long run, the document said. Hungary’s diplomacy welcomes the agreement because it offers a possibility to avoid direct military intervention and fully eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons through diplomatic means.

The statement said that multilateral forums such as the United Nations or the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons will be instrumental in implementing the agreement, and offered Hungary’s contribution to actual steps following up the deal.

The Hungarian Government expects the UN Security Council to confirm provisions of the deal in a resolution, to be fully implemented by the Syrian regime.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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