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Hungary will not allow citizens of non-EU countries, except for Serbia, to enter Hungary because that would be against the health interest of Hungarians, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Facebook on Thursday, after a discussion of a recent EU proposal.

The EU proposal that member states should reopen their borders to citizens of 14 countries outside the bloc was discussed in the interior ministry in the morning.

Orbán said a decision had been made that a corridor for travellers transiting Hungary would be reinstalled.

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Travellers passing through the country will be required to use the designated route similarly to rules that were in place during the peak period of the coronavirus epidemic, Orbán said.

Inspection at Hungary’s borders will remain strict, he said.

Source: MTI

  1. Quite a stupid decision. However, like all idiotic decisions, this one too will be welcomed by crowds clapping their hands to the ” Dear Leader “. After all , they all think that Hungary is so powerful and rich that it can forever live by itself.

  2. Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government have been exemplary in there Management and Control of this novel coronavirus pandemic.
    Our Government has clearly, in it’s various decision processes, displayed , under the Leadership of Prime Minister – Victor Orban, the importance to separate the economy from health.
    This has proven the correct decision in separation and understanding and continues to benefit all in Hungary today, and going forward.
    We must not forget, there is still no vaccine discovered that will immunize human beings from contacting this coronavirus.
    Stay Well – ALL.

  3. Gary, will you explain me why Serbia is excluded from Orbán’s ban then? Just curious….

  4. Number of Covid-19 cases per day in Serbia is going up again, back at the same level of two months ago. Moreover, Serbia is selling fake “ negative “ covid-19 tests. One can purchase them, for instance, in Niś airport, against fifty euro. And it is not fake news. So, why Serbians are ok to enter Hungary? Absurd. Dailynewshungary can verify this story of fake tests and perhaps write an article on it.

  5. GARY, are you kidding while writing your comments 🙂 ?

    How the country could be isolated in nowadays World? It is completely impossible. Besides, what about 3d country nationals holding Hungarian residence permits? I bet you are also neither Hungarian citizen, nor the EU national. How should we live, work and travel? I live here, work here, pay taxes here, but I won’t be allowed to enter my home country due to the fact that I am non-EU national! That’s odd!

  6. Mat,
    You are totally correct.
    My comment didn’t capture the big picture.
    I reside in Budapest under residency, and movement in and out of Hungary we are paralyzed.
    Person in your position has my sincere sympathy, and I concede, this decision not permitting borders movement, though you have residency, is wrong.
    Thank-You for your constructive correctness of my original comment.
    Australian by birth, and some of us do have etiquette and manners ///
    Stay Well – You and Yours.

  7. GARY, thank you for your understanding! I am trying to focus on the issue of getting an allowance for 3d country nationals living in Hungary on a permanent basis for unlimited traveling in and out of the country (like the EU nationals have). I have written a lot in Facebook to the Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and trade, several comments on this website, and some others. In my opinion the way how the authorities treat 3d country nationals with PR is not fair.

    And you’re right, traveling on business in and out of Hungary nowadays is a real yakka 😉

  8. Mat,
    Absolutely agree.
    Please keep me informed – [email protected]
    We all have interesting stories to the background of our residency.
    Stay Well .

  9. Are British people allowed to fly from London to Budapest?
    We are outside of the EU now of course and the FM has not mentioned the UK specifically.
    So can I visit Hungary or not?

  10. Are Ethiopians students allowed to enter??? Because we have already applied for Visa.

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