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Hungary wins Bocuse d’Or European final – Photo gallery

Hungary wins Bocuse d’Or European final – Photo gallery

Budapest, May 11 (MTI) – Hungarian chef Tamás Széll has won the European final of Bocuse d’Or, the world’s most prestigious contest for chefs, that ended in Budapest on Wednesday.

Norway came in second and Sweden third in the competition that began on Tuesday.

There were altogether 20 chefs competing against each other during the two days of the continental final Budapest hosted for the first time.

The chefs and their teams had 5 hours and 35 minutes to prepare a fish and a meat dish.

The Bocuse d’Or world final will be held in Lyon in 2017.

Photo: MTI



  1. Piroska

    Oriasi!!! Nagy gratula minden tagnak!!!

  2. Aniko


  3. Jean Polyefko -Watson

    I visited Hungary 3 yrs. Ago and really loved their cuisine. The cold soups were outstanding. Hungary wining this competition does not surprise me. My daughter and I are visiting again in June

  4. Anonymous

    Vegigneztem minden musort, remelve, hogy lathatom a nyertes fogasokat… hat csak amolyan mezesmadzagkent lathettam.

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