The firewall reconstruction project of Erzsébetváros reached its second station thanks to Neopaint. The painters returned this time to RumbachSebestyén Street, reports

Members of Neopaint Works finished another wall, to the satisfaction of the capital’s inhabitants. They have created a video for those who are not able to walk in the city. The current project was to repaint and make alive the firewall at Rumbach Sebestyén street 10.

They have written these about the finished painting in a press release:

“We tried to smuggle as much as possible interesting graphical elements into the picture to make the small details a whole. We also put stress on using a lot of typographical elements to display the variety of old (hand-painted) billboards. In the upper third the inscription shows the streets of Inner-Erzsébetváros, above those there are the coat of arms of the VII. district. A bit under, in the middle the portrait of Queen Elisabeth, whom the district was named after. She was asked for that in 1881 and the district became officially Erzsébetváros in 1882”.

Their previous project under the firewall reconstruction in Erzsébetváros 2014 (TűzfalRehabErzsébetvárosban 2013) was to repaint the inner walls of MadáchImre Gimnázium. Pictures and videos of the group’s previous works can be check on their Facebook page.

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translated by Oliver Tamasi


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