67es út
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The main road linking the M7 highway and Kaposvár just got an acoustic road section.

Incredible, how far science has come. In some regions, a decently passable road is considered a miracle — just like Republic sang in their ’94 hit song — the newly repaved road 67, which links Kaposvár to the M7 highway, is not only not dangerous but offers some fun as well. Namely, the wheels of cars going the proper speed and the surface of the road together will “play” the iconic Central European hymn, the perfect song for a ball, the song that became the favourite option for DJs over the years. This song is none other than “A 67-es út” (Road 67) by Republic, reports Forbes.

The Hungarian counterpart of Route 66 not only inspired the band but the bored road construction engineers as well,

who designed the right cross-furrows into the construction, thus creating the mystically named “acoustic road section.” To make a comparison: the furrows in the road are the music sheet, the wheels of the car are the strings of a guitar, and the car itself is the instrument. The notes depend on the depth of the furrows and their comparative distance from one another. The investment happened with the collaboration of Strabag Építő Ltd, and Strabag AG and Soltút Ltd. The 33-kilometre-long road expanded from two times one lane to two times two lanes.

The editorial staff of Magyar Építők even shot a video at the scene; you can dance and raise your lighter to the sky; here are the results:

Source: https://forbes.hu/

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