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Budapest (MTI) – The president of the European Commission should be enforcing interests of the community, “or at least Jean-Claude Juncker should not take offence if the Hungarian government does just that instead of him,” Péter Szijjártó, the Hungarian foreign minister, said on Friday.

Earlier in the day, Juncker called on member states to observe a Brussels decision concerning the relocation of 160,000 migrants across the EU. He suggested that some members were boycotting the decision. “It is the beginning of the end if a democratically passed rule is disobeyed by member states,” French news agency AFP quoted Juncker as saying, adding that the remark had been made in reference to Hungary and its recent migrant quota referendum.

Szijjártó said in reaction that Juncker “seems to be terribly vexed by the Hungarian people’s opinion”. He also said that what Juncker sees as the beginning of an end is actually a “victory for democracy”.

“Juncker might have forgotten what his job is; he is not supposed to change Europe and its people but to promote their interests,” Szijjártó insisted.

Source: MTI

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  1. Drunk Juncker Clown has got to go. His unelected and lack of democratic knowledge is why Europe is being put into a stress test. This lazy type of Brussells positioned Drunk Clowns are not just costing tax payers a great unnecessary expense, but the slow destruction of what Europe is famous for, modern civilization.

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