Budapest, Hungary. Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó. Photo: MTI

The foreign ministry will summon the ambassadors of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden on Monday, Péter Szijjártó, the foreign minister, said on social media late on Sunday, and cited spreading “fake news by the international liberal mainstream”.

Szijjártó said that his counterparts in the five countries had expressed support in a letter to the secretary general of the Council of Europe, who had raised concern about Hungary’s coronavirus-related law.

Several of them had made individual statements citing “lies now verging on the boring such as (the Hungarian government) building a dictatorship or striving for unlimited powers”, he said.

“Hungarians are an over 1,000 year old nation and reject pathetically hypocritical patronising,” Szijjártó said. He insisted that Hungarians “are able to decide what they want and what they do not”, adding that

the foreign ministers of the five countries “had better mind their own business”.

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Source: MTI

  1. What will it take for Hungary , Poland, Czech, Slovak and some of the other former Iron Curtain states to realize they would be better off out of the European Union than in it?
    These member states should seriously consider leaving and starting a very loose confederation for trade and mutual defense and stop being pawns to the foreign policies of the globalist and the NATO anti Russian fear mongers. The only way Russia will be an enemy again to Hungary is if it participates in the globalist one world government cabal plans to destroy Russia in another war.
    Hungary has a great future outside of the E.U. / NATO one world government wet dream in partnership with its Central European neighbors.

  2. Jack, good point. The E.U. doesn’t like the countries east of Germany and thumbs their nose at the Visegrad 4. The remaining countries are not even acknowledged.

  3. This is the approach – ALL have been put on notice, that Fake News and Lies, will be meet with a responsive action.
    The myopic view of certain Countries – members of the European Union and Globally, the true political position we operate and live in Hungary, they continue there short sightedness, completely lacking forethought/foresight and intellectual insight.
    It is concerning on-going, that a vast number of these countries, continue to dismally Fail in there understanding of the Demographical Picture, within there own countries.
    This bullying, harassment, scare mongering repetitive assultiveness plan and action of attack on us – Hungary, those responsible, certainly, will be rejected with the Scorn, they Rightfully Deserve.

  4. Hungary should stop buying military equipment from countries that are unfriendly. Sweden as an example. if Hungary can’t depend on “friends” like these in peacetime it will not be able to depend on them in more dangerous times. As for the other 4 countries, Hungary should expel their diplomats and tell those countries to mind their own business.

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