Budapest, April 22 (MTI) – Uptake among Hungarians eligible for the free vaccination against Human papilloma virus (HPV) was 80 percent — outstanding in international comparison — state health authority ANTSZ said.

Parents are aware of the important role of vaccination in preventing the virus, and they voluntarily secured free jabs for their children, according to the ANTSZ survey conducted ahead of the World Health Organisation’s 10th European vaccination week.

More than 46,000 Hungarians are eligible for the state-sponsored shots. Almost all parents of 7th grade female pupils were contacted about this possibility and 99.3 percent responded. Fully 77.5 percent of them asked for the inoculation for their kids and an additional 5.6 said their children had already been given the injection in the past. The first round of shots were administered at the end of last year and 99.6 percent of those who requested it received it. The second round of jabs is being held in the next few weeks, ANTSZ said.


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