Hungary’s public media authority (NMHH) has warned that social media rife with fake news.

The authority said in a statement on Tuesday that 53 percent of respondents to a survey had come across fake news on the internet, with 47 percent saying they saw fake news on social media.

Fully 60 percent said they had come across harmful content on the internet, including the promotion of paedophilia, racism, terrorism, and drug abuse, with fake news high on the list.

The survey also found that

irrespective of schooling, age, financial status or geographical location, users were able to recognise fake news.

Citing figures from the European Commission, the authority noted that Hungarians top the list of the keenest social media users, with 78 percent visiting social media sites regularly and 77 percent using Facebook at least once a week.

Fifty-one percent of Hungarian Facebook users are “very active” commenting on others’ posts and sharing their own content, the statement added.

NMHH conducted its online survey from Nov. 18 to Dec. 10 last year with a sample of 4,000 users above the age of 16.

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Source: MTI

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