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I bet you have not heard Jacko’s ‘Beat it’ like this before! – VIDEO

I bet you have not heard Jacko’s ‘Beat it’ like this before! – VIDEO

A Hungarian pianist, Péter Bence likes reimagining famous songs on his piano – Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’ is the latest hit of the artist, as reports.

Péter Bence is a world-widely known pianist, who holds a Guinness World Record in the “Fastest Piano Player” category. The whole world is cheering for him on his Facebook page and at his concerts – now he has taken over the internet with a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’. He has several popular covers from Jacko, Queen and Sia, with over 500 million views.

More than 4 million people have viewed his latest video on his Facebook and Youtube page.

Watch the video here:

The main feature of his re-compositions is his edgy and expressive style in which he plays and brings classical and pop music closer together. For his recent video, he used several techniques and tools: a piano, a looper, a kick drum, and a distortion pedal.

Also, it is not only Hungarians who adore Péter: he has tours all over the world, having been on 4 continents, including an outstanding performance in London for 50,000 people at a BBC Proms in the Park event.

péter bence hungarian pianist


We have already written about the success of another song, Despacito under Péter Bence’s hands. Nevertheless, he is not the only Hungarian pianist who is successful around the world: Zoltán Fejérvári won the prestigious Montreal International Piano Competition last year. Another Hungarian musician, a guitarist has over half a million followers at his YouTube channel.

Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszá

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