2019 is the opening year of the confectioner competition and festival – ’Ice cream of the year’ – which was first organised at Szombathely.

According to the decision of the jury, the so-called King of Piedmont was chosen as the best ice cream of the year, produced by Dávid Wilhelm from Nagykanizsa, who combined Piedmont hazelnuts with blackberry syrup in his sweety creation. The best sugar-free ice cream of the year award was given to Ágnes Pokoraczki for her composition of aromatic quince and blackcurrants.

Év fagyija - feketeszeder-mogyoró

As turizmusonline.hu describes, besides viewing the judging procedure, visitors could get an insight into the process of how these artisan delicacies are made. As László Selmeczi, co-president of the Hungarian Confectioner Corporation reported to MTI, the purpose of the festival is to bring consumers closer to the quality selection of ice creams. As he said, recently there are several appealing ’ice creams’ offered in a big pack at a low price; however, these mainly contain artificial ingredients, aromas and dyestuffs.

At the event, visitors could taste such ice creams which are produced in a traditional way including natural ingredients and fruits.

He added that good ice cream can be created in large-scale production as well but quality ingredients are required; therefore a category was provided for the manufacturers of quality ingredients.

As the Manager of the organiser company, Savaria Tourism Nonprofit Ltd. explained, the mastermind of the festival was the famous local Mészáros confectionery. She added that ’Ice cream of the year’ professional confectioner competition is organised since 1998, principally in Budapest, but in other rural towns as well.

However, 2019 was the first year when a festival was organized around the event with several cultural and entertaining programmes.

This year, 40 applicants entered the competition with 56 types of ice creams. Awards were given in four categories. The best manufacturer of ingredients was the ’Liberte’ ice cream of Budapest Chef Market Plc., produced by Péter Vladucz. Winner in the ’all-free’ version of this category was ’Pistachio with spices of Praid’ created by András Gangel, representative of m-Gel Hungary Ltd. The audience prize was given to Ádám Sztaracsek, confectioner of Jánoska Confectionery for his sweety creation including rosemary, white chocolate and Williams pear.

Source: turizmusonline.hu; MTI

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