The video below shows how the immigrants raided a truck of the Hungarian Waberer’s in Calais, France, said.

The immigrants managed to open the door of the truck’s loading area, many of them climb in, and then someone closes the door outside. The interesting part starts at 3:01.

The cover photo was taken by a Hungarian truck driver while spanning towards the port. His trailer was also opened, the migrants filled their rage on the goods, because the load was so high they couldn’t get up.

Although the UK is not a Schengen country, if illegal migrants enter the country it is considered illegal border crossing, a lawyer without a name said to The driver, if he is transporting the people, commits human smuggling. If the migrants got caught on the British side, the driver has to prove he didn’t know about them. The French authorities inspect the cargo in principle, so the driver has papers about that everything was fine in France. If the British still find people, the driver can say he didn’t know about them.

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