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Instead of importing labour, the opposition Jobbik party would call back Hungarian workers from abroad and reform vocational education so as to handle the shortage of labour, deputy party leader Dániel Kárpát Z said on Tuesday.

As we wrote yesterday, Both and report that around 20,000-30,000 people are missing from the Hungarian construction industry mostly because, although the price of workmanship has increased, the structure of the collectively agreed wages is still improper and the increased wages still do not reach people at the lower stages.

“Import labour will not help Hungary prosper,” he told a press conference, noting that the president-CEO of Market Zrt had recently proposed inviting guest workers to Hungary from abroad.

Jobbik wants to prevent this move even if 20-30,000 skilled workers are missing from the construction industry, he said.

Workers would arrive from non-EU countries, and a part of them would stay in Hungary, suppressing wages, he said.

Kárpát cited Jobbik’s initiative for a European wage union as the solution because it would slow down the emigration of workers and make Hungarian wages competitive.

Source: MTI

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