According to, in the capital there will be 423 free concerts in six different places. These mini concerts are part of the Zenélő Budapest event which has started on 24th May and will last until 15th August.

The fist concerts were held on 24th May at Pentecost in six different places. The event will last until 15th August – this can be read in the event’s press announcement.

The Zenélő Budapest concert venues are the following: the renovated Várkert Bazár, the balcony of the Magyarság Háza at the Szentháromság square, the stairs at the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Vajdahunyad Palace, the Old Buda’s Museum and the Music Well at Margaret Island. There will be 15-20 minutes live concerts at the outdoor venues which are all free. There are 62 musicians altogether and they play at these beautiful and historical places with chamber orchestras which were organized for this event. Their selection is made from the best of the music history, including the works of Ferenc Erkel, Ferenc Liszt, Brahms, Rossini, Mozart, and Handel. The musicians are the best of Budapest’s chamber orchestras, from the National Filharmonic Orchestra, the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, the Budapest Festival Orchestra, the Danube Symphony Orchestra, the Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra and the Concerto Budapest.

There are different music genres in different places. The concerts adapt to the venues. In the Vajdahunyad Palace there will be Transylvanian folk music and folk songs; in the balcony of the Magyarság Háza woodwind players and an opera singer will recall the works of Liszt and Erkel, at the Várkertbazár, hussar quintet will play on brass instruments; at the Old Buda main square (among the famous restaurants) a saxophonist will play the well-known songs of the past. In front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, a carillon will be operated with a band of percussion instruments as performers. At the Music Well on Margaret Island, string quartet women in authentic dresses and a clarinet musician will bring back the old atmosphere.

The audience will be able to enjoy the concerts on three days at the end of every week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (except at St. Stephen’s Basilica were the event will be held on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday); on these days the concerts will be held one after another. At every concert venues, there will be 2 concerts each day. The detailed program can be seen at the info boards which are placed at the concert venues or it can be find at website, too.

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translated by Andrea Tóth


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