The American star won it on the Mr Universe competition in 1969, London. However, his mother gave it to a stonemason working for her in 1993 who later sold it. Lóránd Berke, a Hungarian bodybuilder and powerlifter got it from his sister as a present after he won the Hungarian Championship of Bench Press in 2017. RTL Klub reported on the incredible story.

The only trophy missing from the collection

In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger learned only at the beginning of this year that Lóránd Berke, a Hungarian powerlifter has one of his trophies. To be specific, Ádám Szedlacskó spotted the photo on a social media site of Berke. In fact, Mr Szedlacskó is the owner of the Flex Gym in Budapest where Hollywood stars train when they are in the Hungarian capital. Thus, he knows Schwarzenegger personally, so he told him about the trophy when they met in California. The former governor of the state said immediately that

that is the only trophy missing from his collection.

Schwarzenegger training together with Terminator 6 star, Gabriel Luna in Budapest.

Thus, they organized a meeting in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Austria when the Terminator was here during spring. However, the plans failed because of Schwarzenegger’s pulmonic valve replacement in late March.

Now, Berke broke his holiday to meet his role model in the Flex Gym. According to him, he could not sleep the night before, at all. “It was marvellous when he shook hands with me” – Berke said to RTL Klub. He added that

he would have rather kept the trophy,

but he knew that it belonged to Schwarzenegger. The ‘Austrian Oak’ thanked Berke and said that he finally has all the trophies he won on bodybuilding competitions. According to Berke, they talked later about his results in bench press.

Training, hiking, and posting

As we already reported before, the Hollywood icon is in Hungary to film the sixth instalment of the Terminator franchise. However, since he is here he tries to spend some quality time in Budapest. For example, he got a birthday cake from Tímea Vajna, visited some gyms like B4 Fitness and Flex Gym where he even signed the Terminator dummy.

Will Smith inspires the Terminator.

Later he was cycling in the downtown and was shocked by a floating bus in the Danube River. He also shared with us what he does in order to wake up after shooting all night. Step one is to go on a bike ride. Step two is a one-hour training. Step three is a Radler.

Watch this video compilation about what Schwarzenegger did in Budapest in the last few weeks:


Source: RTL Klub,, Daily News Hungary

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