The 29-year-old man had studied in Hungary for years but disappeared last Monday in Budapest. Later, authorities found him dead, and it seems that his family cannot transport his remains home without financial help.

According to Szeretlek Magyarorszag, the 29-year-old Raza Shamsh was a PhD student of the Szent István University. He disappeared on Monday at dawn, and people last saw him near Boráros Square, Budapest. His relatives and friends searched for him tirelessly together with the police and shared a lot of Facebook posts regarding the issue.

However, they were only able to find him when he was already dead – an information Mr Shamsh’s brother, Mohammed Rashid, confirmed on Facebook.

His friends and acquaintances do not exclude that he committed suicide. Based on the minutes written by the police, Raza Shamsh had lately been troubled and was suffering from heartbreak as well. 

Ha talked with his Lithuanian girlfriend at around 5 on Monday who broke up with him. The girl then phoned a mutual friend of theirs living in Budapest saying that Mr Shamsh said

he would jump into the River Danube.

He phoned Shamsh who said that he was alright but acknowledged that he was then on the river bank. 

His brother, Mohammed Rashid, has not confirmed yet that he committed suicide but wrote on Facebook that he prays to discover the truth. He started fundraising because their family does not have enough money to transport Mr Shamsh home even though they would like to

say their final goodbye to him following the Indian traditions.

The corpse’s transport is much more expensive and bureaucratic because of the coronavirus epidemic than normally. Based on their estimates, it will cost EUR 5-6 thousand, so they would like to collect 6 thousand. Interestingly, Mr Rashid started the fundraising only 4 days ago, but they already reached half of their goal as they have already more than EUR 3 thousand.

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