Budapest District V assemblyman Péter Juhász (Együtt) has announced, on his Facebook account, that the Prosecutor-General’s Office’s has launched an investigation on the matter of the District V real estate scandal.

Péter Juhász has passed the Prosecutor-General’s Office’s letter to The letter mentions that although the complaint Juhász had lodged was rejected, the investigation is now ordered. The investigation has been entrusted to the Hungarian National Bureau of Investigation, and it is expired on 30 June.

Earlier, Péter Juhász accused the politicians concerned, including the former District V mayor Antal Rogán, of participating in a criminal organisation, and illegally selling public properties at substantially below fair market prices carried out on a commercial scale. He also claimed that the system had been built by ““well-trained people”” in order to ““give the appearance of legality””, but which, in fact, violated numerous laws and district ordinances.

As is it is laid down in the allegation, the asset management of the local government was not predictable. They do not even comply with their own municipal regulations, and the size of the loss of assets oversteps the line of negligence, indolence, and incompetence, and it constitutes a deliberate criminal offence.

According to Juhász, the examination of the suspected documents reveals a huge series of fraudulent transactions, causing major financial damages to the district.

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Translated by Gábor Hajnal

Photo: MTI


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