Election 2018 – RESULT: Fidesz secures sweeping victory for third successive term

The nearly final results of Hungary's 2018 general election #Hungary #HungaryElection2018 #Fidesz #ViktorOrbán #government

Election 2018 – Fidesz likely to retain parliament majority with 112-123 seats

Jobbik is seen coming in second #hungary #hungarian #HungaryElection2018 #fidesz #parliament

Election 2018 – All left-wing parties but LMP are open to coalition

LMP leader and #PM #candidate Bernadett Szél said that 'LMP had sought full-scale cooperation on the #opposition side but met with harsh resistance' #hungary #hungarian #HungaryElection2018

Election 2018 – Opposition parties withdraw candidates to support each other

Last efforts before the election #Hungary #HungaryElection2018 #opposition #campaign

Election 2018 – Együtt head withdraws candidacy

#HungaryElection2018 Juhász still heads the party's national list

Czeglédy granted immunity as MP candidate, released from pre-trial detention

Czeglédy is accused of defrauding the budget of 3 billion forints (EUR 9.5m) which has led to unpaid wages to an estimated 1,000 #students #hungary #hungarian #fraud

POLL: Fidesz is the most popular, Jobbik is the strongest opposition party

Among committed voters, the governing alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats has more potential votes in the bag, 54 percent, in the upcoming general election […]

Együtt elects Viktor Szigetvári PM candidate

The opposition Együtt (Together) party has nominated board leader Viktor Szigetvári as its candidate for prime minister #hungaryelection2018

Ministry: Political parties may delay penalty payments

The commencement of payments must take place from July 1

Fidesz suspects broad left-wing involvement in Czeglédy corruption case

"Governing #Fidesz believes the #corruption #case of Csaba Czeglédy could involve the entire left wing of Hungarian politics"

POLL – Ruling parties more popular than opposition combined

The results of the latest poll

Audit office sends audit draft reports to six Hungarian parties

"It seems that everything is fine with Fidesz, but LMP is one of the biggest obstacles to democracy"

Election 2018: Democratic Coalition party open to strategic withdrawals in individual constituencies

DK would be open to strategic withdrawal deals in individual constituencies to maximise the opposition side's chances of winning.

Election 2018: Opposition parties unable to cooperate betray voters

"One can only cooperate with those who are open to that"

Opposition parties question number of responses to government public survey

Jobbik branded the campaign as a "complete failure"

Did Hungary’s Jobbik party change over the years?

Hungary's political parties believe that Jobbik hadn't changed over the years

Opposition parties vow to oust Orbán government

The Orbán government has over the past seven years kept wages low, destroyed education and health care and sunk deep in corruption - said Bernadett Szél, the prime ministerial candidate of LMP

Opposition party Együtt wants “older and newer parties” on separate lists for election

The opposition Együtt party wants a single candidate to run against ruling Fidesz in each constituency in the 2018 election

Socialist leader says party still ‘alive’

"The Socialist Party is still alive and will continue its political strategy"

Együtt, Dialogue to join forces for 2018 general election

History repeats itself