Budapest, 2018. január 13. Szigetvári Viktor, az Együtt választmányának elnöke beszédet mond pártja budapesti küldöttgyûlésén, ahol miniszterelnök-jelöltnek választották 2018. január 13-án. Az országos politikai tanács döntése értelmében Juhász Péter pártelnök lesz a párt listavezetõje. MTI Fotó: Mohai Balázs

The opposition Együtt (Together) party has nominated board leader Viktor Szigetvári as its candidate for prime minister and chairman Péter Juhász for topping its list to be entered for the April general election. 

Egyutt is the only party that considers voters “grown-up people” and will make promises that it can surely fulfil, Szigetvári told reporters on the sidelines of the party’s Saturday meeting.

What is at stake at the upcoming April ballot is whether the current Orbán regime can be ousted, he said.

Lamenting on the outcome of the vote, Szigetvári suggested a scenario under which an alliance of left-wing, green and liberal parties would win enough mandate to govern with an absolute majority.

Another possibility he suggested was that ruling Fidesz would lose its absolute majority despite garnering the largest number of votes.

The principles guiding the party’s policy are renewal and cooperation, Szigetvári said, calling Együtt the only liberal-democratic party in Hungary.

Együtt will release its programme and name its nominees for a shadow cabinet at the end of January, he said.

Juhász said half of the top 60 places on the party’s list will be filled by women, adding his firm belief that Együtt would clear the 5 percent threshold of entering parliament at the April 8 election.

Együtt accepts that there are democratic parties that want to field their own lists for the ballot, but sees a pressing need for cooperation among them in the individual constituencies, Juhász said.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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