Election 2018 - Együtt head withdraws candidacy
Budapest, 2018. március 14. Juhász Péter, az Együtt elnöke (b2), Szigetvári Viktor miniszterelnök-jelölt, valamint Ketskeméty-Rády Magdolna (b) és Baranyi Krisztina országgyûlési képviselõjelöltek az Együtt megemlékezésén a fõvárosi H13 Rendezvényközpontban a március 15-i nemzeti ünnep elõestéjén, 2018. március 14-én. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

The leader of opposition Együtt party, Péter Juhász, has withdrawn his candidacy for a parliamentary seat in Budapest’s 1st election district, the party leader announced on Saturday.

In a video recording posted to his Facebook page, Juhász said that his move was designed to “set an example for other opposition parties”. If they do not coordinate their candidates in at least 50 constituencies, the opposition parties play into ruling Fidesz’s hands, which will then garner two-thirds of the votes, Juhász warned. Együtt has already refrained from fielding individual candidates in 63 districts, he noted.

Juhász still heads the party’s national list.

Commenting on Juhász’s announcement, Fidesz’s communications chief Balázs Hidvéghi said that “Juhász’s downfall was beating women,” referring to allegations of abuse by the politician’s ex-partner. People who abuse or humiliate women have no place in Hungarian public service, Hidvéghi said in a statement.

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Source: MTI

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