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The opposition Együtt (Together) party wants a single candidate to run against ruling Fidesz in each constituency in the 2018 election, while “older and newer parties” run on separate lists, the party said in a statement on Saturday.

That is why it’s important for the “new pole” comprising Együtt, Dialogue, LMP and Momentum to have an independent list.

Parties that do not work together with anyone, either on party lists or in individual constituencies, do not understand the significance of the 2018 election, the statement said.

Együtt said it had held a training session for their 106 individual constituency candidates and their campaign staff, totalling around 200 people.

Együtt leader Péter Juhász and head of the board Viktor Szigetvári told a press conference during a break that the campaign for individual candidates has already started in 40 constituencies.

Együtt will start the collection of signatures in support of a referendum to be held on the Római embankment flood defense in northern Budapest on Monday.

Party leaders are pleased to see complete opposition cooperation on the matter which they consider a precursor for cooperation in the spring of 2018.

Source: MTI

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