Budapest, 2017. november 12. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök, a Fidesz újraválasztott elnöke a párt XXVII., tisztújító kongresszusán a budapesti Hungexpón 2017. november 12-én. Orbán Viktort egyhangúlag, 1358 szavazattal választották újra pártelnöknek. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

The opposition Socialist Party, Jobbik, LMP, DK and Együtt criticised Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and ruling Fidesz after the party’s Sunday congress and vowed to replace them in next spring’s general election.

The Socialists said Fidesz sent the message that it wanted to continue to govern the country, but if elected again in next year’s vote it would only continue with “theft and a hate campaign waged to cover up problems”.

“The Hungarian opposition now has a historic responsibility of joining forces,

giving a political opportunity to the majority of voters who want to oust Fidesz and see a change in government,” the Socialists said.

Gábor Vona, the prime ministerial candidate of radical nationalist Jobbik, said Orbán was concerned about nothing else but retaining power.

Vona said a politician like Orbán who conceals the truth about increasing poverty, the exodus of young people, the spread of corruption and the poor state of health care and education “is unfit” to represent Jobbik’s supporters. He blamed Fidesz for allowing “the settlement of 20,000 migrants in Hungary” through its residency bond scheme.

“As the strongest opposition party, Jobbik will defend Hungary not only against migrants, but against Viktor Orbán as well,” he said.

Bernadett Szél, the prime ministerial candidate of LMP, said Orbán’s speech was “yet another weak effort to conceal the fact that his government has been unable to tackle the problems of the 21st century”.

The Orbán government has over the past seven years kept wages low, destroyed education and health care and sunk deep in corruption, she said.

If elected to power, LMP will renew Hungary and cooperate with Hungarian workers to enforce their interests and ensure them a decent living, Szél said.

The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) of former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány called on Orbán “to stop promising anything else over the few next months that are left before next spring’s vote”.

If Orbán remained in power for another four-year term, Hungary would lose one million people choosing to go abroad and the number of those living in poverty would go up from 3 million to 4 million,

the party said, adding that Orbán would even drive Hungary out of the EU during his next term.

The Együtt (Together) party said the prime minister would with his policy “consume Hungary’s future”. Orbán’s “old-style” speech demonstrated that “he is afraid of a modern, free and progressive world,” it said.

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Source: MTI

  1. Dear Hungarians, please vote for Viktor Orban as Prime Minister again, because Orban is the one who can protect Hungary from Islamic invasion and from Brussels. This is a very critical time, and you must not make mistakes with voting for a party that the EU wants. Please DO NOT ALLOW Muslims to invade Hungary! Save Hungary … save Christianity … save your fellow native Hungarians!

    EU leaders want to destroy the native citizens of Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland… so that they can be replaced by Muslims.

    The EU wants Muslims to be the new Europeans, and make Islam the EU’s religion, because the EU leaders have been paid billions of Euros by Saudi Arabia to make Europe the new Islamic Caliphate… and because George Soros is supporting Islamic world domination.

    The EU leaders and George Soros are traitors!

  2. Dear Irina,
    You are right. For many ‘politicians’ (who say that they represent the people) money is more important than doing a good job. We have never been in contact with the Islam and I hope that this nightmare will soon be over. In Holland we were told that these fugitives have the right to stay in Europe because of the so-called war in their countries. The only war that is going on is in Syria, but why do Muslims come from Moroc, Tunesia, Lybia en Egypt? Why? Is Satan Soros gaining money from this and do we have to accept this? Where are our rights to protest against this idiotry? Why do we have to accept people that are in the mood to kill us? Ca. 90% are coming because of the money given by the ‘Authorities’. After some time the so-called fugitives will have new passport and fly back to the country that they had left because of the ‘war’? Are we all mad?

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