Budapest, 2017. december 20. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök a Nemzeti Agrárgazdasági Kamara (NAK) országos küldöttgyûlése alakuló ülésén az Országház Felsõházi üléstermében 2017. december 20-án. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance is now more popular than the opposition parties combined, holding the support of 51 percent of decided voters, the latest poll by Nézőpont Institute commissioned by daily Magyar Idők shows.

The ruling parties were backed by 37 percent of the entire electorate, up two percentage points from November.

Support for Jobbik dropped another percentage point to 8 percent. Although this change is within the margin of error, it is Jobbik’s lowest poll number since 2014, Nézőpont said.

The Socialist Party captured 5 percent among the total sample, while the leftist opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) received 4 percent support. Együtt and the Liberal Party captured 1 percent each, while the small liberal Párbeszéd party registered less than 1 percent. Green LMP was backed by 4 percent of voters, Momentum by 2 percent and the satirical Kétfarkú Kutya (Two-tailed Dog) party by 1 percent.

Jobbik’s slide also carried over to decided voters, with the party receiving 14 percent support, seven percentage points below its party list score in the 2014 election.

DK and LMP were tied for third place among decided voters with 9 percent each, one percentage point ahead of the Socialists. Support for Momentum was at 3 percent. Együtt and Kétfarkú Kutya received 2 percent support each, while Párbeszéd and the Liberals 1 percent each.

Nézőpont conducted the poll on a sample of 2,000 people between December 1 and 18.

Featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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